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Share One Piece of Truth at a Time

02/05/2013 – By: Mark Larson I guess Jesus is an alright dude. The whole rags to riches thing of being born in a barn and ending up an influential teacher is impressive. I especially like what he has to say...

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Why CL Club Discussions Matter So Much and How to Make Them Count

11/01/2012 – By Matt Coppess Remember your favorite college course? Remember how you used to love to listen to the professor blabber on and on for up to an hour? Remember how you just love to hear lectures over...

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The Main Point behind the CL Club Wrap Up

10/23/2012 – By Dave Rahn I love the Campus Life wrap-up. Done well, it’s as artistic a communication form as any you’ll see. Great preachers can’t automatically handle wrap-ups. But the biggest reason I’m a...

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