I’m so glad this is our topic for this week as we continue to dive deep into empowering others, I definitely need to be challenged to remember to coach my volunteer staff every step of the way in ministry. We are a team, working together, to fulfill God’s calling to reach kids. So how can we coach our volunteer staff before, during, and after doing RMA’s?

BEFORE: It is important to create an environment for your volunteer staff team that is really is a community. Giving time to spend with each other before club, before a major event, or on a random night of the week will help foster a learning environment and foster a place for them to feel like they belong and they’re part of what God’s doing. This type of environment will help you teach and discuss the different RMA’s so your volunteer staff can become very familiar with what they are and what they look like.

DURING: Show don’t tell—take them with you (see blog from last week) and let them experience the RMA’s, even if they aren’t perfect in relational ministry (yet), let them do it. Help coach them while the game is going on. Don’t just be a coach on the sidelines, get in it with them.

When I was a volunteer I was my staff’s constant shadow. I watched her, I led her small group with her, I learned everything from her in the midst of doing ministry. It may have been a slower process, but it was a better process. I absorbed so much by doing it, making mistakes, talking through it with her, asking her questions along the way and all while actually engaging in ministry. Jesus doesn’t wait for us to be perfect, so why would we wait for our volunteer staff to be perfect in ministry?

AFTER: Take time after club, small group, or a contacting event to evaluate together. Allow your volunteer to ask questions, and ask them questions. Help foster an environment to learn and grow. Ask them what went well, what maybe could go better, what they liked, and what they didn’t like.  Help them see God in each ministry event and how He may want to use them in the life of a student.

Coaching our volunteer staff is really important. We are in this together just like Jesus- his team was important to his ministry. Help your team see their value and coach them along every step of the way. 

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