By Kevin Becht

Communicating with adults can be one of the most neglected responsibilities of a Campus Life staff’s job. We get busy planning and preparing for relational time with students and before we know it, we have neglected spending time communicating what God is doing in the hearts and lives of involved in  Campus Life. The fact is we couldn’t even do Campus Life without the adults in our communities who pray for, support, and spread the word about Campus Life. Here are some suggestions to improve our communication with adults at the beginning of a new school year …

School Administration, Faculty, and Staff – These folks are the ‘gatekeepers’ of the campus community. Get to know the administrators, guidance counselors, teachers, custodians, and administrative assistants on your campus. Once you get to know them, be sure to keep the lines of communication open. These relationship are vital to our presence on our campus.

Parents – Communication with parents can definitely get lost in the shuffle of running Campus Life, but it is also vital to our success. Be sure to make an effort to clearly communicate what is happening in Campus Life with the parents of the students who are involved. Be sure to keep in mind, that there are many preferred methods of communication. Don’t assume that every parent with “like” your Campus Life Facebook page to stay connected.  

Churches – Do you personally know the youth pastors and pastors at the churches in your community?  While the month of September is a difficult month to add something to our already overflowing plates, these are relationships that just can’t be neglected. Find out when and where the local youth network meets. If one doesn’t exist, considering starting one. Also, consider setting goal of meeting with one local church youth worker each week or two throughout the school year. The relationships that will develop through this time will only lead to more success as you as model being the Body of Christ.

Getting Started - The next time you are at a school event, take a close look around the crowd. Chances are you will see someone from each of the groups we just mentioned.  Be sure to spend some time talking with these adults in addition to the time you spend meeting and hanging out with students. That time will go a long way as you begin another year of Campus Life.

(Be sure to check out the videos and attachments on “Knowing Your Community” in the On-line Training Classroom by clicking here.)

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