By: Scott Sjoblom

I am by no means an expert on fundraising. (Just ask my ED!) But, I work for an executive director that is one of the best in the biz. When it comes to everyones’ favorite part of our job here are a few little gems I have been able to glean...

Make it a Priority
Meeting your fundraising goal simply won’t happen if you don’t make it a priority. I understand most of us were drawn to this ministry because we love Jesus and we love kids, but donor ministry is a key part of that equation, so don’t neglect it. Treat it with the same level of attention that you would any of the other RMA’s. Block out time in your calendar to devote to the people who make what we do possible.

Be Intentional and Strategic
Now that you have created the space in your work week, give careful thought to how you should fill it. There are some great resources out there from some real experts (see below), but here is the grid I work through when creating a strategy for one of my donors. After first asking the question, “Does this person have the potential to give financially?” I consider:

• Does this person have a heart for teenagers?
• Is this person passionate about youth evangelism?
• Is this person involved in other mission related activities?

In my mind, if I get a “yes” on two of the three questions that would make them a pretty strategic person to invest my time in. Providing a scholarship for camp is a great way to get a first time gift from some you have been building a relationship with. It is easy for them to understand the need and a very tangible way they can help. Give it a try!

Do What You Do Best
Perhaps one of the most helpful changes I made was to begin referring to my fundraising activity as “Donor Ministry” because that is what it is. If you are reading this blog it means that someone, somewhere thinks you have the skills necessary to come alongside a teen, listen to their story- the things they are passionate about, invest your life into theirs and when the time is right, challenge them to turn a spiritual corner. Fundraising should look and feel very similar to that. After all, it is ministry too.

You can do it. Just do what you do best- only with adults who might be inclined to support our outreach to lost kids.

And, if you need a pep talk call Bill Hochstettler!

Some Extra Resources:
Funding your Ministry by Scott Morton
Growing Givers Hearts by Thomas Jeavons

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