By: Allison Johnson

We would never say that relationships end at the close of the school year, but our actions may not show that. As the school year comes to an end, many times our practice of Relational Ministry Actions starts to fade.

We might ask ourselves questions like:
Why would I go up to school and meet new kids when summer break starts in 3 weeks?
Why start a small group or Core Team now when kids will be too busy to meet in the summer?
Isn't summer a break for me too?

Summer is a great time to practice the RMA's. It may be more challenging to do contacting, you may have to be creative with meeting places or times of small groups and you might have to plan, plan, and plan again to have an appointment… but keep trying. Relationships don't end. Don't let up on pursuing lost kids and building relationships.

*The next few months we are going to focus our blogs on RMA's in the summer, especially the Core Team. Please let us know if you have any ideas that you want to pass along to Campus Life directors.

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