By: Carolyn Conrad

This past summer at a Campus Life event, a group of middle school students were sitting around talking about TV shows. One girl in particular named Sarah, was so excited about Dr. WHO, she talked about it non-stop. As I sat there listening to her, I was thinking, “Who is Dr. WHO?” At that moment, one of my great CLM Leaders Felicity pipped in and said, “I LOVE THAT SHOW TOO.” The next few hours I saw Felicity, Sarah, and a group of other kids connecting and it all started with Dr. WHO.

I always tell people that middle school is one of the funniest and most awkward times in a kid's life. Certainly, I remember my middle school years and shudder but I also remember someone coming alongside me to be a support. We get the privilege of doing the same for students today.

Because I realize that I cannot connect with every kid, I have strived to multiply the impact by helping loving adults connect with students on campus. I love watching as they are able to come alongside sharing the love of Christ. I have been blessed beyond words by faithful leaders (like the one in the story) that have invested in the lives of our middle school kids.

Here are some things I have found to help me empower my team:

  1. Remember that new teammates may be scared (especially of middle school).
  2. Give them small tasks to build confidence in their leadership abilities THEN praise them for what they did!
  3. Eat together. Some of the best times my team and I have is when food is involved. We have monthly dinners and separate times outside of club to connect.
  4. Make every leader feel important because they are in the trenches with you. You CAN’T do it on your own.

I hope that you continue to brainstorm more creative ways for you to empower your team.

Every kid is different and unique - think about how to make your team different and unique too!

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