Have you ever allowed efficiency to get in the way of empowering your ministry team.  I have been guilty of this way too many times. I will just make the phone calls for this building time, it will be quicker.  I don’t want to bother Tom with having to put together the Core Team plan, it is easier for him to just show up.  I have not heard back from Jill, so I will buy the supplies we need for Club this week.  We might think we are being efficient when we do these things, but what if we are doing the wrong things?

What would happen if I asked each person on the team to make 5 phone calls? What impact would it have on Tom to let him have a chance to put together the plan for Core Team?  Why not call Jill and make sure she is planning to get the supplies for Club.  Do these actions actually help us to be more effective at empowering our teams? 

We need to put effectiveness over efficiency.  Effectiveness says that we want to focus on doing the right things, not just trying to get things done faster or easier.  If we desire to be effective Campus Life leaders, we are going to focus on those actions that empower our teams. It means we need  to focus much of our time and energy on our teams.  Spending time building community, praying for one another, training and teaching are all effective ways to develop an empowering team.  It will not feel efficient much of the time, but it will be effective as we see more of these leaders in authentic Christ sharing relationships with more students.

Ask yourself this week if you are more concerned with efficiency or effectiveness with your team? Even ask why we may put efficiency ahead of effectiveness?

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