Do you tend to see yourself as the leader of your ministry team and the rest of the team as followers? How much do your volunteers rely on you versus feeling released to be full time minister of the Gospel? These are important questions to grapple with as we seek to build strong ministry leadership teams at our Campus Life Ministry sites.  Here are some ideas to think about as you process these questions.

Trust is one of the biggest values that encourages a team of leaders.  We need to ask ourselves if we trust our volunteers leaders and if they sense that we trust them.  Do they feel like we babysit them or micromanage them after responsibilities are given out to the team? If we are recruiting and equipping the right people, than we can be confident to release them to minister to students.

One way we model trust and regularly giving volunteers a bigger picture of the ministry.  Do we dream with our teams?  Letting teams know the long range plans of ministry at your site and your chapter enlarges their vision.  What if each of your leaders saw themselves as leading a team a ministry site some time in the future?

There are a number of questions in this post.  We hope you take some time to think about these questions and then take some of your thoughts and questions to our team.  Next week, we will dive into a few more ideas to help us evaluate how well we are encouraging an empowering environment with our teams.

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