By: Katie Barnes

Senior Night this week. I need to pick up the picture frames for the senior gift. End of the year party next week. Did I print the summer activities list yet? What should I do for my leaders to say "thank you" for all the work they did this year? Project serve trip in one month, oh wow I still need to raise money for that. Do all of the kids have their passports yet? YFCamp is coming up, do I have the right kids going?  How do I find a few more work projects to help kids get scholarships? 

Sometimes I want to let that be enough.  Let the end of the year be special for those who have been to Campus Life all year.  I have kids at club, kids signed up to go on trips, and a long list of summer activities planned. Shouldn’t that be enough? And yet, in the moments when I want to let that be enough, I know it's not. I push myself to keep contacting at the end of the year, because Campus Life is about reaching lost kids.  It’s about teams of leaders meeting new kids and loving them like Jesus would. 

I go to the very last track meets of the season, sit in the student section and hope not to get rained on, because last spring after Campus Life clubs were over, I met Brooke.  Brooke was there to watch her sister run and was bored to death. Sitting on hard bleachers for 2.5 hours just to see a 44 second race just isn’t that thrilling.  So, we talked. Then I saw her at an open house a few weeks later, I met her friends at the park for Frisbee golf after that, she said yes to Jesus at our winter retreat, and now she’s a part of my YFC Core team. I know her because I didn’t stop contacting.   How are you intentionally pursuing kids right now?

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