By: Dave Ramseyer

Focus is a tricky thing. Often we think if we are really working hard and lost teens are in the picture we are focused. But if we step back and examine a little closer, I wonder if we would see that sometimes our intense activity covers up a lack of true focus.

First things first, what is our focus? To say it simply, we are about reaching lost teens. Since relationships are the context we move through, we must also be committed to multiplying teams of people who reach lost teens. A lot of people loving lost teens to the Father.

How do we examine our focus? We look at our time, the people we invest in, and the fruit that is bubbling up. Have you ever written down how you spend a week? It can be an extremely eye-opening process.

TIME: You may find that you spend 8-10 hours doing things that don’t directly affect your focus. Maybe you spent 4 hours making a fun video, 2 hours speaking in another town, and 2+ hours in meetings that don’t fit the mission. What would you do about the fact that 20% or more of your time wasn’t directly affecting the mission in the community God has called you to?

PEOPLE: You may find that your investment in people is only in meetings or formal spaces. Do you invest in them one on one or by doing ministry together (contacting)? This would help you realize that real life on life training and coaching toward reaching lost teens isn’t really happening.

FRUIT: It could be possible that you are seeing a lot of deeply committed Christian students involved who want to make a difference. However, this might point out a lack of relationships with lost teens. Or there could be a high volume of deep relationships with lost teens but no student leaders to speak of. Either way, this evidence will help you dial in your focus on potentially pursing more lost teens or creating a space to invest in Student Leaders.

Most of the time, we don’t realize these trends because of our intense activity and then we don’t create enough space to make changes to our schedule, intentionality, and direction.

More to come next week...

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