Small Groups - Good Discussions

In the world of small groups, discussions are everything.  Let’s not assume we are naturally gifted or talented in this area, but rather a posture of humility.  Great discussion leads to gospel defined moments…poor discussion destroys momentum.

Here are a few tips to make your group time better.

1. Good Discussion Understands That You Are Not That Important

The quickest way to kill honesty and vulnerability within a group is to hijack the discussion with your own thoughts and answers.  Not only is it dysfunctional in practice, but the Bible says it can even be sinful. (James 1:19) Guide, don’t dominate.

2. Good Discussion Starts With The Right Questions

Spend more time crafting better questions and less time on better lessons.  The right questions can bring incredible depth and understanding to any topic.  They also can take students to much deeper places.  Open ended questions are better than closed.  Here’s a good site to understand how to use open ended questions.

3. Good Discussion Leave Students Feeling Valued

Validating what a student has shared leads to increased vulnerability and trust.  Make a big deal about students sharing.  Praise them, thank them and reflect back to them what they just said.

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