We have been entrusted with a sacred work.  None of us created the story of how God so loved the world that he gave his only son.  It is more like we were walking by a window and were drawn in by the sound of people we trusted telling their God story. We could have stayed by the window but the door was opened and the owner reached out and invited us in and we have become his story tellers.
I'm convinced it's true. It has been in the telling of God's story that my own life has become more real. I have come to realize that the most real people I know are like the gifts that will be given to children this Christmas that are continually aware of how much they are enjoyed by their owner.
My story is not always pretty. My story has both highs and lows. It involves stories of steps forward but also brokenness and hurts done to me and what I've done to others. Giving time and understanding to my story has helped me to see more of the work of His hand in my life. Our lives are not just a place where we get material for talks, they are a sacred work that we are invited to study and enjoy and give to others as a gift. 
Here is a permission, friend. You will have just a little time this Christmas season, don't waste it. During this time, take your life, all your life, and study and savor it. Tell or write down the last six months and see where God has been working. The heart of the matter is not that you have a story but that you offer your story back to the one who invited you into His story. If that is true then take the gift of your story seriously.
This year commit to remembering how the Christmas story became true to your story. Then go away and tell someone about your Christmas these last six months. May you be famous for telling your story with integrity of heart and skillful hands (Ps 78:72).
Bill Springston, Director of YFC Military for YFC/USA

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