By: Dave Ramseyer

Did you know that the first version of Campus Life 101 has been downloaded over 2,500 times? Despite this resource only existing for two years it has been leveraged an awful lot across the country. Why? Well it gives clear principles and best practices around starting Campus Life ministry from scratch. Ever wondered about these questions:

  • Do I start club first?
  • What kind of relational volume is needed to start?
  • Do I build a volunteer ministry team right away or wait?
  • Who could help me raise funds?
  • What do I say to a school administrator about Campus Life?
  • What role do Christian teens play in Campus Life? And When?

These questions and many more are addressed in CL 101. So why did we update it? We wanted to improve the graphic template to make it easier to print, share, and read together. We added some specific tips, improved some areas, updated Relational Ministry Actions language, and even added a section. All this to say, check it out!

Not starting a new ministry site in Campus Life? Many experienced Campus Life staff have told us CL 101 has proven very helpful in specific areas they are working on within Campus Life ministry. So we believe that even though this resource is aimed at starting ministry, it is still quite helpful in other Campus Life scenarios too.

Guess what? In the next week we will release a brand new resource entitle Campus Life 201: Building Healthy Teams. Stay tuned…

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