By: Scott Ritzema

“It’s not normal for them to do what they do!”

This statement was recently made by comedian Jeff Allen regarding Badgerland Youth for Christ staff at our second annual Comedy Café where over 900 people were entertained and learned about the core ministries our chapter has to offer. Jeff’s comment has stuck with me and as I’ve begun my new role as Ministry Director and have been able to get to know the staff a lot better I realize…he is right!

It isn’t normal that we get up in the middle of the night to spend time with a Teen Parent until the early morning hours.

It’s not normal to go into the jails to offer grace to those that in the world’s eyes don’t deserve it.

It’s not normal to speak truth to teens and see them continue to walk away from Jesus and still consistently love them.

It’s not normal when you are recovering from a surgery and should be focusing on healing to instead be weeping and pleading for parents of a teen to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

And it’s not normal to continue in this ministry when you could be making a lot more money somewhere else and living a more “comfortable” lifestyle.

I have to admit that after processing Jeff’s statement for a while…I’m glad I’m not normal, I’m glad our staff isn’t normal. I think that we are in good company. It wasn’t normal for Paul to be beat, whipped, and stoned because of his belief in Christ. It wasn’t normal for Peter to give his life for Christ, and it wasn’t normal for Jesus to love others the way He did and love us by dying on the cross! I hope that we never become normal as we continue to reach out to the unlovable, incarcerated, and lost. Thanks for running the race that Christ has put before us. It’s not normal.

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