By: Traever Wieland

How do you engage people to pray for your ministry?  It’s a question that we as a staff have tried to answer, and have actually come up with numerous ways to try and engage more people to pray (letters, texts, youtube videos, etc.).  However, all those ways connect our supporters to the ministry, but don’t necessarily connect us with the supporter. 

Let me ask another question:  how often do you pray for specific people on your prayer team?  I know, I know, these people are supposed to be praying for you and your ministry needs, but so often I get wrapped up in what my prayer needs are, that I forget these people probably would like to be prayed for as well.   It’s a simple challenge today…e-mail/text/call one person who is on your prayer team, and ask them how you can specifically pray for them; then actually pray for them.  If you want people engaged in praying for you and your ministry, begin praying for them.

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