The other day I chuckled to myself because I was thinking about how people nowadays say, “do you boo boo, do you!” What does that even mean? Basically this response comes when someone makes a decision you don’t like that affects you in a bad way. I can’t say this is good, effective communication, and I can’t say either that I’m not guilty of saying this exact thing to my husband. “Do you, Frankie, do you!” But I can say that I think we can use this saying in a different, beneficial way. What if we told God this during our day? When a situation comes our way and we don’t know what to say, maybe even every moment of the day, what if we said to God, “Do you, God. Do you!” We could hand over complete control to Him in every situation and just watch Him work!

Weekly, our Executive Director sends out an email stating needs that the board members and we get to pray about. We don’t necessarily get the chance to pray together in person, but we all do our part in praying for the needs that our chapter specifically has. I consistently utilize my cell phone to send out a group text to close friends and family who have committed to pray for the students at the high school where I have club on a regular basis. I make mention of specific names and needs of students and families in that community, which is given to me by the students themselves and the principal of that school. We really try to stay connected and to provide spiritual support for the students, staff, teachers, and people in this community! Otherwise, spiritual and supernatural transformation really could never really happen. It’s awesome, because the weeks that I am diligent about sending out that mass text and praying on my drive out to the school, God is always faithful to give a good response to the program that happens, or to send a new student my way that I have never seen before, or to give some sort of new connection or breakthrough with one of the students in that community. So many times, I can go to club and conduct the program on my own strength and it can all go fine and run smoothly, but really nothing supernatural occurs! This, often times, is rooted in the fact that I am unwilling to surrender to God’s agenda in that moment and therefore I don’t give Him opportunity to move. How unfortunate!

On-going communication (or what we like to call prayer) and dependency on Him is key to sharing God’s love with the people around us! My encouragement to you today is: stay connected with the most caring, loving, funny, amazing, down-to-earth, truthful, fair, communicative, delightful, accepting, graceful person I know—God Himself.  Trust Him and allow Him to talk to you today and everyday. Give Him control and access to your every thought and action, and He will give you His “out of this world” wisdom, His overflowing amount of love, His lenses in the way He sees others, and His ongoing energy to serve the people around you. You won’t regret it. I promise.

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