By: Dave Ramseyer

We are pretty good at thanking the obvious candidates at the end of a school year… we thank ministry volunteers who gave of their time, we thank donors who gave of their finances, and we thank school officials as we partner for the sake of kids. What about teens, parents, other organizations, churches, etc.? Are there more?

Go the extra mile this next month to take a few moments to communicate your thankfulness to the people who often slide under our radar. Do you co-labor with other like-minded organizations and/or churches that you could thank? Send a basket of fruit for their next staff meeting with a nice personal note. Tell them why you are better because of your partnership with them. When is the last time your ministry team took the chance to thank a few teens who have let you into their lives? The truth is we have grown a bunch from our chance to invest in teenagers, so take the time to tell a few how that has happened. It will open up a whole deeper level of conversation. Being a parent is a hard job and many adults work hard at investing in their teenagers. Take a moment to notice some of the positive steps that parents around you are making with their teenager. These kinds of conversations happen best face to face with a few kind words.

What might happen if you take some extra few moments to identify those who don’t often get thanked in your ministry area…and then do something about it? Say thanks on purpose!

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