As Corrie ten Boom once put it, “Is prayer your steering wheel or your spare tire?” Too often I find myself amidst a room full of teenagers praying for patience, guidance, and the ability to reveal the Truth in a compelling fashion. Truth is I still find myself in those positions. The difference is I’m at peace. At peace because I know that each week there is a team of people that will approach the Throne of God on behalf of our Campus Life ministry sites. Each week leaders, friends, and family receive an e-mail, text and/or a facebook update from my “prayer warriors” page asking them to join us in praying for the young people that we will reach that night. I believe that with much prayer there is much power! It is crucial to saturate the ministry site in prayer. Please let me be more specific, saturate the ministry site in specific prayer. If you’re like me God puts people on your heart frequently. I believe there’s a purpose for that. I believe that as long as we engage our prayer teams in praying for the specific needs of our Campus Life ministry sites, prayer is the steering wheel, not just the spare tire.

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