Okay, as my kids would say, “ tbh, my prayer routine is a love/hate relationship!”  I know the value of prayer, its importance and relevance to nurturing my relationship with Christ.  It is a foundation of my faith, AND it is vital to my ministry!  Yet, it seems that life battles my intentions to pray.  I set aside my morning to pray and a call comes from the school regarding one of my children.
My mom calls.
I don’t answer.
She leaves a message. (My mind reminds me that she is in her 80’s now… becoming forgetful… it could be an emergency!).
I call back… it was not an emergency.
Now I settle down in prayer and a text from my wife comes reminding me of an important task that I forgot to do before I left the house!”
Inevitably, my prayer time is whittled down and what I had intended as an hour of conversation with my Father turns into a rushed and interrupted frustration.

Recently, however, I have come to a new perspective in pursing prayer in my life.  It's not that I am dogmatic about making sure I'm spending hours in prayer, but what I am doing is making sure that I am finding time in my day to be with the Father by choosing NOT TO over schedule my life.

It is been rejuvenating to be able to have freedom to pray often… Prayer happens throughout my day because the Father is with me through all my moments.  My conversation becomes a constant because I am aware of the Father’s presence.  I still schedule prayer into my week but now I have learned that my prayer life grows within the natural rhythm of my life.

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