They did it.

They lifted their eyes.  Or raised their hands.  Sometimes…they’ve even stood to proclaim their belief.   Stood to be counted among a throng of peeking eyes.  They said, “Yes!”
But what happens when our kids come down off the mountaintop? 

Many of our students have Jesus rattling around somewhere in their hearts, but they have an incomplete picture of Him.  If the Gospel is a 100 piece jigsaw puzzle, several in our care are walking around with parts missing, pieces in the wrong place.


My friend, "Jackson”, is a ragamuffin who invents new ways of getting in trouble.  Though he received Christ at summer camp with joy, he still has questions that demand answers.

That’s where small groups come in.  Emphasizing discipleship over fluff, they respond to the lingering “Now what?” that plagues the minds of new believers.  A good small group is a road map, helping students come down off the mountaintop with their faith intact.

So often we see salvation as the endgame, but our job isn’t to create believers.  Jesus is looking for life-long followers. 
Your student just got saved?  Congratulations!  Now the real work begins!

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