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Articles from January 2013

Practical Training Ideas for your Ministry Team

01/31/2013 – By: Matt Coppess Have you ever looked around your volunteer team and realized that you are probably training your replacement? Don't freak out, your ExD isn't about to fire you, however someday...

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3 Practical Steps to Engaging a Volunteer Team in Relational Ministry

01/22/2013 – Do you want to move through team? If you are a Campus Life site director and you are ready to push further into team ministry then take me up on a 90 day commitment. I am going to suggest a few very...

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Tips for Investing in Your Ministry Team

01/14/2013 – By Amy Vanderkamp How many of you have ever heard the phrase: “never go alone,” and thought well that sounds easy? I remember the first day I walked into the school lunch room as a campus life...

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