When was the last time you tried walking on a balance beam? I am talking about the balance beam that is 4 inches wide, 4 feet off the ground and 16 feet long. A person who does well on a balance beam is able to maintain equilibrium as they move across the beam. Last week’s blog talked about the importance of having margin in our lives as Campus Life ministry.  This week we are looking at the relationship between balance and margin.  Balance is what helps us preserve margin in our lives, so that we can attend to those things that matter most.

It is not mandatory for us to say yes to every request, text, new technology, etc. that comes our way. God has designed balance in the universe, our solar system, our earth and ourselves. Balance allows us to live life in the zone God has designed for us to live. God spoke order into existence and still desires to speak order into our lives.

So, where do we start.  Ask yourself if you are living by your core priorities.  Are you living by what matters most to you? We need to be careful how we answer these questions. Or better yet, ask others to answer them for us.  For many of us, what matters most and how we are living our lives are not truly lined up.  When you are thinking about your priorities, consider whether they are trivial, temporal or timeless.  We want timeless priorities at the center of our lives.

These past two blogs are not meant to lead to guilt or shame. The hope is that they will spurn us towards the freedom God has designed us to live in. God did not design us to be irritable, frustrated, disorganized and burned out. Take a step this week towards building margin and balance in your life.

Resource:  Dr. Richard Swenson, Margin and In Search of Balance

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