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Balance Matters

03/31/2015 – When was the last time you tried walking on a balance beam? I am talking about the balance beam that is 4 inches wide, 4 feet off the ground and 16 feet long. A person who does well on a balance beam...

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03/17/2015 – Do you turn your cell phone off at night or not bring it in to your bedroom? How often do you check your email? I am more distracted today than any other time in my life.  Just ask my wife!  We  are...

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Empowering Your Team to Lead Growth Focused Small Groups

01/20/2015 – Jonathan, Brian, John and Kevin started a follow-up small group with me after they made the decision to become followers of Jesus.  We committed to meet weekly for 6 weeks; discussing the basics of...

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How to have a First Time Follow-up Appointment with a New Believer

11/18/2014 – Spending one-on-one time with students is essential to our ministry. Students need that individual attention and guidance, especially students who have just made a first time decision for Christ. But...

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Focus is a Tricky Thing - Part 2

12/10/2013 – By: Dave Ramseyer Focus is a tricky thing. Often we think if we are really working hard and lost teens are in the picture we are focused. But if we step back and examine a little closer, I wonder...

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