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Coaching Leaders Along the Way

02/26/2013 – By: Mark Larson Reaching the non-Christian students of your community is a tall task, and no offense but it’s too big of an endeavor for you to accomplish on your own. At the core of our...

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Greek & Hebrew

02/19/2013 – By: Mark Larson Have you ever thought about how much goes in to actually driving a car? I’m not even talking about the factory where it’s produced or the marketing campaigns that convinced you to...

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Always Point Teens to Jesus

02/12/2013 – By: Todd Lowans I was a bad kid. Seriously. When I was younger they just said I had a lot of energy, you know the ADHD kid. I was also a pastor’s kid so there were a lot of expectations on how I...

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Balanced Life in Ministry in the New Year

01/10/2012 – By: Scott Sjoblom School is back in session! That means we have a few short months before summer vacation. Because we know that reality, it’s easy to feel a tremendous pressure to try to squeeze 25...

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