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Getting to the Core

02/12/2014 – By: Kevin Bussema, National YFC Core Director Kids contributing to the movement of Youth for Christ has long been a topic of conversation.  In the past, this has looked a variety of ways, from kids...

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Building Healthy Teams

02/10/2014 – By: Allison Johnson, National Campus Life [M] Director If you aren't doing it - you are not reaching as many kids as you could be. It may sound like a "straight-to-the-point" or maybe even a...

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New Look & Improved Content - CL 101

01/29/2014 – Did you know that the first version of Campus Life 101 has been downloaded over 2,500 times? Despite this resource only existing for two years it has been leveraged an awful lot across the country....

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Mapping Your Community

10/22/2013 – By: Amy Vander Kamp One of the most embarrassing moments for me in ministry happened at the end of last year while I was contacting in the school lunch room. I happened to stumble upon a student...

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What does the Unified Focus mean for Campus Life?

09/03/2013 – By: Allison Johnson For Campus Life, the Unified Focus means more kids in Christ-sharing relationships with adults - thousands more across the country. That means that Campus Life Leaders are...

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