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Following Through on Your Investments

04/15/2014 – By: Katie Burmeister We all want to have healthy, far reaching ministry sites. And we all know that in order to do so, we can’t do it alone. The challenge is to find the “right” people to join us...

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04/01/2014 – By: Allison Johnson This semester blogs have intentionally focused on Campus Life 201: Building Healthy Teams. We all try to be intentional in what we do. We are guessing that you try to be...

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The YFC Staff Team

03/18/2014 – By: Trent Bushnell In YFC chapters with multiple staff and multiple ministries, a Campus Life director plays multiple roles. On one hand, you are the CEO of your ministry site, and probably the...

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Clear Vision, Focused Relational Ministry

02/25/2014 – By: Louis Chaney, Campus Life Director, Greensboro YFC How is your vision today?  When I was younger, I had 20/20 vision but as time passed, my vision began to decline.  What used to be easy to...

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YFC Core - Campus Life Core Teams

02/18/2014 – By: Allison Johnson, National Campus Life Middle School Director So what does all this mean? Because of the journey over the past two years, Campus Life will now call its “Student Leadership...

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