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Are you a healthy leader?

07/07/2015 – Peter Scazzero, the author of The Emotionally Healthy Leader, challenges us to assess whether our spiritual maturity and emotionally maturity are aligned. Check out this recent...

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Staying Up to Speed in a Fast Paced World

06/30/2015 – What are some of the ways and tools you and your team use to stay up to date on what is going on in the world, in particular pop culture and technology?  We are living in fast paced and face changing...

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Recruiting A Ministry Team

06/23/2015 –    Have you ever had enough leaders? Felt like you don't need anymore? Like you're “All good,” all the kids in your school who need to be in authentic Christ-sharing relationships covered? My guess...

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Summer Time

06/16/2015 – Kyle’s green eyes faded into the setting sun.  His fingers dug further into the wet sand as he thought about my question. KYLE: “I guess it’s what I’ve been talking about with you all week…” ME:...

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Why You Don’t Do Jigsaw Puzzles on Mountaintops?

06/09/2015 – They did it. They lifted their eyes.  Or raised their hands.  Sometimes…they’ve even stood to proclaim their belief.   Stood to be counted among a throng of peeking eyes.  They said, “Yes!” But...

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