By: Traever Wieland

It's time to celebrate!

Stop. Think about all that has happened in the last school year.  What did God do in your life this past year?  What kids’ lives were changed because of what God did through your ministry?  What was the funniest moment you had with your students?  What was the saddest?  How did you see God answer your prayers?  Were there specific churches/organizations with which you were able to better partner?  The fact is God was working in your ministry this year!  Whether or not things went the way you wanted them to, God was moving and working.  We need to celebrate and give Him praise for what He has done!  Not only do we need to thank Him, but we also need to thank (and celebrate with) a lot of other people that helped make the ministry happen this year. 

Here is a list of people to celebrate with and thank (e-mail, text, phone call, or maybe even a hand written note—if you don’t know what that is, you need to, they go a long way):

·         Volunteers: throw a party and celebrate with them how God has worked

·         School administration (see last week’s post:

·         Community Support Team

·         Widespread Prayer team

·         Churches/Youth pastors

·         Parents: are there key parents that really helped you out through the year?

·         Kids (student leaders, kids that were really involved, lost kids that need to be encouraged)

·         Ministry partners (those who support through prayer and financially)

Summer is upon us, but before you fully move on to the next thing in ministry, please take time to reflect and celebrate all that God has done!

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