Jonathan, Brian, John and Kevin started a follow-up small group with me after they made the decision to become followers of Jesus.  We committed to meet weekly for 6 weeks; discussing the basics of our faith.  Each week they came with questions from their week of study on their own.  After we concluded the six weeks they wanted to continue meeting through the summer; every week for a couple of hours.  It was an enjoyable time that moved beyond my expectations into genuine friendship.

Small groups are defined as “a meeting with several students to have an interactive discussion about relevant topics and connect them to God’s truth."

Here are a couple ideas to help create an environment for small groups to grow for you and your team.

PLAN/BE INTENTIONAL – When you create a small group invite a volunteer to join with you during the process.  It is helpful for leaders to be encouraged to participate; having a leader join with you not only encourages them but helps a volunteer understand the power of this interaction.  Create opportunities within and outside club for small groups to be established.  One way opportunity for small groups we have seen be successful is to have small groups on early release days.  We plan small groups for each leader.  It is expected that they will take a group of kids to a nearby restaurant/coffee shop to lead a small group.  It has been very fruitful in developing further interaction.

BE FLEXIBLE – Begin small groups with a purpose.  Sometimes, however, I need to allow for modification as I interact with the group and they make their thoughts and needs known.  Listening to the group and clearly understanding their needs helps me navigate the group into meaningful discussions.

Small groups have their frustrations and disappointments; but they also can be a remarkable time of deep interaction.  Lead by example, be intentional to include your team, allow for flexibility and ultimately depend on the work of the Holy Spirit.

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