By: Jon Christensen

A strong Community Support Team can play a pivotal role in helping to expand the Kingdom of God by deepening the impact of a Campus Life ministry site. One of the main roles of a CST member is to be an advocate for Campus Life in the community. Our hope is that each member is continually doing this, but it is important to help give them clear direction and desire for how to best make this happen. One idea is for each team member, during the course of a year, to introduce the Campus Life Director to 3 key people they know that are not currently connected to the ministry but should be. To help this practically play out, instead of the CST member handing the Campus Life Director a list of 3 names, have them set up an appointment with each person at a local coffee shop (over the course of a year) and you join them for that appointment. This helps make the connection more natural and gives a great opportunity to cast the vision for what God is doing through Campus Life in the community. These meetings can lead to more people supporting the mission through many different avenues.

Another critical role the CST can play at a ministry site is caring for the Campus Life staff team (staff member and ministry leader) by praying for, encouraging, and tangibly come alongside the team. A great idea I have seen played out well with big impact is pairing each CST member with a few ministry leaders (volunteers). Over the course of the year the CST member's focus is to love the staff members they have been assigned. The volunteer is encouraged and cared for by regular prayer, cards, texts, gift cards and even being taken out to dinner by a CST member.  It is important that we invest into our leaders and this is a simple way to care for them at a deeper level than just the staff member leading the site. It is worth the time and effort to look for more ways to creatively engage your Community Support Team.

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