By: Phil Daubenspeck

Fall is here and that means Campus Life is once again kicking off in schools across the country! In our area, and across the country, we have found that the beginning of the year is the best time to build new relationships with students. Going to football games, hanging out at lunch, meeting kids where they are. We have always used the fall as a launching pad for several larger events in the spring, but over the past year we started thinking maybe we should do something bigger in the fall. Not that we didn’t want to meet lots of kids in the fall, but we wanted deeper relationships earlier in the school year. After thinking and praying about some different options we decided to do a weekend trip early in the school year.

So this weekend we are loading up the busses and heading out for three days. For some of the kids this will be their very first Campus Life experience, for others, this will be their second or third. But for all of them, this will be a chance to build healthy relationships with adults who care about them. And it’s an opportunity for them to meet Jesus. We are most excited about that last part of that, Kids Meeting Jesus! We are also looking forward to the opportunity to dive in with them on their journey for the entire school year and beyond.

This year, more then ever, we have been shaking things up, adding a back to school event was just one of many changes. We moved a few club days around, brought in several new part time and volunteer club directors, and started working on several new campuses. Why? WE WANT TO BE IN RELATIONSHIP WITH MORE LOST KIDS. We want kids who would not have come to Campus Life last year to come this year.

YFC’s long time motto has been “Geared to the times, Anchored to the rock.” While our methods and ministry opportunities are ever changing our message remains the same! In a world that is ever changing, I want to encourage you to not be afraid to shake it up, to make a change, to take a risk, and see what God does in your school and community.

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