By: Traever Wieland


The last four weeks of club always seems to be a grind for me.  I can’t wait for summer to get here- a change of pace that is much needed for my Campus Life program AND brain.  I love doing club and student leadership, but I am ready for a programming break.  However, I know that ministry doesn’t end when the school year stops (just like ministry doesn’t stop when you get home).    My first couple of summers on staff were okay, but they were very unintentional.   If something happened with kids, great; if nothing happened, well, maybe I’ll call a kid tomorrow.   I finally realized that if I wanted to have a great summer in which I spent lots of time investing into the lives of kids, and moving the mission forward, I needed to have a plan of action. With the help of another staff person, we began to put together a plan for what I wanted to see happen throughout the course of the summer, and this is what we came up with (I also included a brief survey to give to the kids to ask what they wanted to do during the summer.  Goal & summer survey here.

When I finished creating my summer goals, it seemed extremely overwhelming.  How was I going to get all of that done in one summer, and not be a walking zombie going into a new school year in the fall?  Well, it turns out when I broke down the “overwhelming” summer goals into weekly chunks, it wasn’t bad at all.  I met with, hung out with, and had great conversations with tons of kids.  I had great community interaction because I was intentional about being at youth group and community events.  I was even prepared for the fall because I took time in the summer to plan and organize my clubs and student leadership meetings.  Now, I’m not saying that I hit every goal on my list, but when I looked back on the summer, I felt like I had accomplished a ton, moved the mission forward, and honored God in the process.   I don’t think you can have a great ministry summer without having a plan.  Take the time to strategize, think, and write out your plan of action for the summer.  You won’t regret it!

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