By: Skyeler Lewkowicz

I recently gathered the majority of former Campus Life directors who have served at Elmira High School, in Elmira, Oregon from the first director at the school in 1979 all the way up to myself (2011-present). They shared amazing stories and their common theme impacted me deeply.
When I first came to the campus of Elmira, I knew a grand total of zero students. I went around contacting (ten points for using a Campus Life term), and met two energetic students.  I reached out to these two students, Stacey and Xavier. They played on the dodgeball team and came to clubs and events. Both of these guys were friends with their own sets of baggage. I had the privilege of unpacking the bags.

This story focuses on Stacey. Stacey has a father in prison and a mother living across the country. Through detentions, suspensions, depression and anger Stacey tested me. He lied constantly and reminded me he didn't believe that God could love him. Yet, I stayed by his side and he didn't try so hard to push me away. In the summer of 2011 at camp it clicked for Stacey. He accepted Jesus and began the process of change. Metanoia (renewing of the mind) began and Stacey let go of anger and slowly became a leader. This 180 reversed the trajectory of a student who wasn't on track to graduate and helped him become a student that wasn't talked about in the teacher's lounge.
"You'll never know the impact you're making," said one of the former directors. "Don't think for a second that every communication with a student can't have an impact," said another director.

I actively target students who need Jesus and focus on a couple of them... What about Xavier who got thrown out of the same camp Stacey accepted Jesus at?
As I sat at the baptism of Xavier I realized I didn't know the impact of what God was doing through me, through Stacey, to Xavier. Who took Xavier to church? Stacey. I never calculated that my investment would lead to more indirect disciple making. As another student responded to Stacey's testimony recently, I realized that developing his testimony was a good investment.
You may not know the impact you are making, but you are called to invest in students. Jesus heavily invested on multiple levels - he focused on three, twelve, and the mass. I target students with my staff every year. I started with Stacey and Xavier and personally seek to add a couple every year (careful prayer is included and matching personalities). I stick to reaching these kids for their high school career.  Invest in a couple students, be patient (years), guide, and sit back and watch God move. You truly have no idea the impact you are making.

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