Spending one-on-one time with students is essential to our ministry. Students need that individual attention and guidance, especially students who have just made a first time decision for Christ. But what does a first appointment look like with a new believer?

Here are some helpful tips for a first-time follow-up appointment with a new believer:

·         Make sure to affirm and encourage your student in this first appointment about their recent decision to follow Christ. Students are potentially doubtful about their decision or, now after a few days, have many questions. Let them know you are excited about their decision and assure them in it.

·         Appointments with a Campus Life leader is probably very new for your student, so It is completely acceptable to take some time at the beginning of the first appointment to discuss what your meeting times will look like and why you want to meet regularly in the first place.

·         Pick a consistent public place to meet with your student. Remember, all appointments should be male: male or female: female.

·         Middle School appointments work better, and are actually recommended, with 2 students, or even 2 leaders.

·         Give them the opportunity to ask any questions along the way. Let them know that you are a safe person with whom to bring questions and life situations.

·         Start reading a book of the Bible together, such as John, to get them in the word and learning more about Jesus and His life.

·         Challenge your student to tell one person they trust about their decision to follow Christ.

·         Introduce them to the concept off accountability to encourage and guide them. Begin to ask a good balance of tough questions in order to have honest conversations about their lives.

Appointments will help develop and grow your student’s walk with Christ. Appointments are essential to going deeper with students. And remember, you may be the only trustworthy adult that your student knows, so this meeting space could be a very big deal for your student. God is going to use this time you spend with your student, so let Him move and watch him grow your student!


** There are resources for leading appointments at https://www.yfc.net/campuslife/resources/categories/202/ or check out the devotional book Living the Story, available on the 3story website (3story.org).

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