By: Kevin Becht


The relationship between Campus Life Staff and the administrators of their campus is one of the most mysterious relationships that we cultivate. Do we really ever know what they are thinking about us or about Campus Life? How can we end the year well with the gatekeeper of our campus communities?  For most of us, there is a little bit of a gap between our last ministry event and the last day of school, which means there may be some time for us to plug into some school events that are sure to please the administrators. Here are a few simple suggestions . . .

Show Up.

Simply showing up after our last Campus Life club or event can go a long way with the administrators of our campus. It lets them know that we aren’t just there to push our own agenda or program, but that we really do want to become part of the fabric of the campus community.

Don’t Show Up.

The end of the year can also be very hectic. While as a Campus Life staff we become a welcomed addition to the campus community, there may be times near the end of the year when it would be best for us to not be there. For example, finals week a hectic time for students. Is our presence on campus sending the wrong message to the school? Do you know your campus well enough to know the difference?

Dive In.

Find out what is going on at the school near the end of the year and offer to serve in any and every way you can. For example, our local school was finding it difficult to find proctors for the year-end AP Exams. Have a conversation with the administrators and offer to serve wherever they need you.

Follow Up.

Most likely, administrators are not on the same schedule as the teachers in your school. It could be very easy to find some time to sit down with them and give them an update on Campus Life once school is out. Stop by their office this week and ask them if they would be open to sitting down with you a few days after the last student day to review the year. It will go a long way in strengthening this vital relationship in your campus community.

Don’t let this school year end without investing in the life of your school administrators.

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