by Traever Wieland, Campus Life [M] National Team, Ft. Wayne YFC



“Jump, I’ll catch you.”
“No, get closer.”
“You can make it, I’ll catch you.”  
“No, it’s too far; I won’t make it.”
“Bay, I’ll catch you.  I know you can do it, just jump.”

After a couple of worried squats and a few more words of encouragement, Bay jumped with expectations that her daddy would catch her.  I love the picture below because it shows Bay fully committed to her hope of me catching her.  It isn’t her crawling in on the side or just stepping in and swimming to me; it is full out commitment and trust on her part.  For those that don’t know Bay, she hates to get her eyes wet, so even a partial catch on my part would mean a disappointed little girl.  

As I looked at this picture some more, it got me thinking about those kids with which we work, that put their faith in Jesus.  Some are like Bay, where right away they are fully committed to what they are jumping in to.  They want to experience what it is to really be “caught” by someone who loves them unconditionally.  Others however aren’t so hopeful.  They watch from the edge to see what happens when others jump in; they stick their toes in the water; they put their feet in; some may slowly get in, and some may even choose to wade over to see if this Jesus is for real.  However they get to Jesus, by a full out run and jump, or by two floaties and a noodle, those that choose to really trust in Christ are never disappointed.  

Do you know what happened when Bay knew that she could trust me?  She wanted to jump again, and again, and again.  I believe the same is true when we put our faith, hope, and trust in Jesus and He catches us; it makes us want to jump again, and again, and again. 

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