Written By: Brian Pruch

Community Support Teams work.  I've seen the positives of this firsthand with the dad that went to bat for Campus Life against the school superintendent, the older couple that jumped in when we were down on volunteers and the mom that got it right when she said the CST is the “backbone of Campus Life.”  The CST exists to outlive Campus Life staff and works to see this ministry be fruitful and sustainable in their community.  We never know when funding will stall or Campus Life directors will move on but the CST is a stable foundation that every Campus Life area must have.

The Community Support Team is made up of parents and community members that believe in the mission of Campus Life.  And when you can bring 6-15 individuals together to work towards a common goal, a lot of good can happen.  This team takes time to meet with each potential member and sell them on the idea of the team, but the work pays for itself.  To have your ministry surrounded by a group of prayer warriors, advocates for the work being accomplished, and helpers in time of need takes a lot of worry off your plate and begins to multiply yourself.

Campus Life 201 is all about building healthy teams.  Multiply yourself.  Grow the ministry.  Bring people together to accomplish our mission to reach lost kids for Christ.  When Jesus walked on earth, he built a healthy team of 12 that went on to start the largest organization the world has ever seen—the Church.  We must take this model—recruit, train, release—into our teams and watch what God does.  The vision and mission of Youth for Christ is much larger than you or me.  The great thing is we never have to (and can’t) do it alone.

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