Follow-up can be a dirty word in youth ministry. It seems to be one of the hardest pieces of the puzzle for us to actually follow through with. So, what does follow-up look like for a student who has just made a commitment to Christ? Where do you start? There are 3 components when embarking on follow-up with a student:


Planning: Jonathon McKee suggests that when you begin follow-up with a student, you should always “begin with the end in mind.” 1 Think about what the end goal is for your student; plan out what you would like them to understand by the end of your follow-up study. “Do [you] want them to just hear the Gospel? Or would [you] like to see their life changed and them fellowshipping in the church? ” 1 Before you start meeting with a student for follow-up, make sure you come up with a plan of how you want your time to look.

·         Contact a student within 72 hours of their decision to connect and set up an appointment and connect with parents, especially if you’ve never met with this student in an appointment before.

·         Have a plan that is fashioned around the basics of the faith (prayer, Bible, church, etc.)

·         Know how many weeks you are asking them to commit to up front.


Flexibility: Always remember that the relationship is the most important. If you don’t get to the material/curriculum you have planned for the first meeting time, don’t worry about it. Flexibility is a must when starting out on this adventure with students. Remember, they most likely have no idea what life is going to look like now that they’re a Christian. They may have tons of questions and you’re a safe place for them to find answers.


Collaboration: Follow-up meetings with a student are a great place to collaborate with other ministry team members. Don’t be afraid to take a volunteer with you, especially if you are meeting with a small group of students. There are probably team members in your ministry who are very passionate about discipleship.


Enjoy the time with your student! This is an exciting time in their life and God has given you the privilege of walking through it with them!



1The Source for Youth Ministry, 1999-2011

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