By: Kevin Becht

If you are anything like me, you feel like you blinked and summer is over. While some of us in Campus Life are off at camp and still enjoying summer, others have already or are about to head back to school. The definition of summer has definitely changed in the world of education. So here we are, gearing up for the fall at the same time summer is winding down. So what’s the best way to promote Campus Life in our communities as we head back to school? Here are a few suggestions that have proven to be effective. 

• Serve the School. As students head back to school, the registration process in many schools is a very involved process and there is always a need for extra volunteers. One of our local middle schools has a bookstore where families can purchase school supplies right on campus. A few years ago, our CLM leadership team at that school offered to work in the bookstore and it has become their project for the week. During a three day stretch, they have school-wide exposure to students and families as they meet and greet everyone who passes by the counter.

Student Leadership. A healthly Campus Life ministry is going to include Student Leadership, and those Student Leaders can play a key role in promoting CL to the student body of your school when the year begins. With that in mind, consider holding a Student Leader Overnight Retreat prior to the school year that includes time for your team to plan a kick-off event, as well as ways to best promote Campus Life.

Social Media. Take advantage of  the social media that exists today and begin promoting the coming year of Campus Life now. Make a video with your own student leaders to promote Campus Life then share it with as many people as possible.

There are many ways to promote Campus Life in our communities as the new school year begins. If you have other suggestions that have worked well in your community, please post them in the comment section. Have a great start to the new year!

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