By: Trent Bushnell


TOP FIVE Reasons to Never Scholarship a Summer Trip

  5.   Students need to earn their way or they won’t appreciate it.

  4.   It’s not fair to the students who pay their own way.

  3.   It takes away from raising your staff support.            

  2.   People are tired of you asking for money.     

  1.   The kid you scholarship will undoubtedly bring the most spending money.


There is some truth to the above statements, BUT… trips change lives.  In this economy, more than ever, it takes scholarships to make them happen.  Don’t settle for taking fewer students.  Set a worthy goal and go after it.  Here are five ideas:

                1.   Seek a matching gift for every student’s registration.  If your goal is 100 kids, a $10,000 gift is incentive for the first $100 kids to get their deposit in, and their trip is $100 cheaper. 

                2.   Transportation is usually the second biggest expense.  Seek an underwriter to provide it and significantly reduce the price to students.

                3.   If you use a fundraiser, sell something most people are going to buy anyway.  We’ve done three Little Caesar’s Pizzas for $15 (kids get $5 per sale).  That’s as cheap as the store and they are in your freezer!

                4.   Have students write a paragraph telling why a scholarship would help them go on the trip.

                5.   Post on Facebook a request for a $100 scholarship.  Ex-Campus Life students jump at the chance to give a kid the same experience they had.  If you have good alumni group this could really take off.  I received $700 the first year, $900 the second year and $2,086 this year, including two fully paid trips from alumni.  In addition a student from about 15 years ago started a $100/month pledge to my supportJ


Trips change lives.  Change as many lives as possible!  Double the scholarships for your summer trip!           

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