Have you ever had enough leaders? Felt like you don't need anymore? Like you're “All good,” all the kids in your school who need to be in authentic Christ-sharing relationships covered?

My guess is that most of us are shaking our heads “No” and the rest of you might need to be a little more self-aware grin.  The reality is that recruiting great and committed people to join your volunteer team is not easy. But here's the thing, it's God who calls people with this ministry not us. Our job is to share the story and to invite people to be a part of what God is doing.

Here are some tips on how to recruit a great ministry team.
Pursue people personally.  Church announcements, ministry fairs and newsletters rarely deliver significant results. Invitations given one-on-one and when a relationship is present are most effective.

Don't say “No” for anyone.  Often as we consider asking someone to volunteer we naturally run down all the reasons why they would say no: church commitments, stressful job, family commitments, etc. The truth is that many of the best leaders are too busy. They have demanding jobs, they are already volunteering, and people are constantly asking them…but that doesn't mean that God can't call them to serve in Campus Life.

You shouldn't be the only one asking.  Your Community Support Team, volunteer team and even your Core students should always be on the lookout for potential leaders. Have them make a list of potential leaders and train them on how to ask.

Protect your team and your students.  One of your most important roles is to protect your team and the ministry that God has entrusted you with.  It can be very easy to let you guard down when you feel the constant pressure of needing more leaders. Always follow a proper application process that includes references, ministry site visit, multiple interviews and clear expectations.

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