One of the most difficult things I have found in ministry is to engage lost kids in a small group.  It’s awkward, initially uncomfortable, and most kids (outside of the church) have never been a part of one.  Why would they?  Outside of an athletic team, or a class project, most kids don’t intentionally say, “Hey, why don’t we get together and talk about life?”

I have found that very few organizations and churches are trying to do small groups with lost people.  There is little curriculum and resources out there.  I think because of the lack of resources and familiarity, people are just plain scared to attempt them…I know I was.   A few years ago I intentionally sought out a young man named Jake, who I knew loved video games, and so did his friends.  His friends wouldn’t step foot into any program thing I had going on, so I decided to step into their world.  I asked Jake if he and some of his friends could teach me how to play their favorite video game.  Now I’m not a gamer at all; I have no clue about games, codes, or even what buttons do what.  But when I showed up at Jake’s house and three of his friends were there, I thanked God for the opportunity.  Over the next six weeks, I got killed in every game I played!  However, in between games, I was able to ask lots of questions, and God opened up doors almost every week to discuss some issue with which they were dealing.  Three months later, Jake committed his life to Jesus at camp!

Reaching lost kids through small groups isn’t rocket science, but it is uncomfortable.  To enter a kid’s world on a surface level takes guts and effort, but you have to double your courage to enter a kids’ world through small groups. To enter a world in which I’m not familiar or comfortable with is always awkward; but when I go, God always seems to do incredible things!  How much do you love lost kids?  Just enough to attend an event at school or chaperone a dance (which are great ways to begin to enter a kid’s world), or do you have the courage to enter a kid’s world through a small group in something they love to do.  Here’s hoping one person loves lost kids enough to get killed in every video game they play!

Small group activities:

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