By: Tim Skrivan

When people ask me what the essence of my role with YFC is, I tell them how I view my calling.  Simply, I have been called to set people up to succeed.   It is a simple concept that focuses the majority of energy at the front end so down the road the person can productively execute over and over again.

At first glance you might assume that I am referring to those who work directly downstream from me.  They are a part of my focus, but not all of it.  I believe it is my role to help those above me to succeed and even those who are not in direct line with me to succeed.

Imagine a team working together where everyone on the team views it their role to help everyone else on the team to succeed.  Basketball may be the sport where it is most obvious when a team member is more interested in their own success than the success of the team.  “Ball Hog” would be a polite word for that player.

But basketball is just a sport, a pastime, a made-up game with made-up rules.  How much more important is it for us to be fulfilling the prayer of our Savior when He was hours from death.  He prayed that His children would “play well together” so the world would know Him.  (John 17)

Study the art of setting up everyone around you to succeed.  Know your teammates' giftedness and their limitation.  Remember God has not called His people to be balanced all by themselves – He called for a balanced body of believers.  If you are in the place of removing an obstacle from their path, take the time to do that.  If someone takes a knock, give them encouragement.  If they are headed the wrong direction, point them to a better path.  When you have your team’s back you have the mission’s back.

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