Do you turn your cell phone off at night or not bring it in to your bedroom? How often do you check your email? I am more distracted today than any other time in my life.  Just ask my wife!  We  are always on.  Our “quiet times” are typically not quiet and are over in 5-10 minutes. Research says we have trained our brains to be distractible.

The rhythm or discipline of silence and solitude seems to have gotten lost. We see encouragement in the Psalms and Prophets to slow down, wait and listen.  Jesus took time to get away for extended periods to hear from the Father.  Early church fathers and mothers practiced the discipline of silence and solitude. So, what has happened?  There is not room here to go in to the possible reasons and history, but it is obvious that for many of us, this kind of space is missing for many of us.

We need to slow down!  We need to create regular alone and quiet to be with the Father!  For many of us, this will not initially come easy. God desires our attention.  He wants us to listen for his still small voice.  Schedule it in your calendar.  Protect those times.  Find resources that will help you. Encourage people around you and help one another in this journey. God does not typically force his way into our lives or clamor loudly for our attention, but he longs to be with us.

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