Do you make a connection between your spiritual health and your emotional health? We are known in Campus Life for the Balanced Life Approach.  I can't recall how many clubs and small groups where we shared with and challenged kids to live a balanced life.  We talk to students about how God has woven us together as people who are spiritual, physical, emotional and social beings. So, why does it seem that we don’t always live as though God really did create us this way?

In his book, Emotionally Healthy Spiritually , Peter Scazzero argues that emotional health and spiritual health are inseparable.  Have you noticed how often we focus on trying to change ourselves or others by focusing on behaviors alone? Comments like , I just need to stop doing this or start doing that are common.  Even saying I need to pray about that issue. We know that behavior change is important but I think we learn from Jesus that real change only comes from the heart where our God placed our emotions.

If we are going to be health ministers of the Gospel, we have to take seriously our emotional health.  A place to start is to begin asking yourself and the Holy Spirit to reveal to you those areas that you need to grow emotionally. What kinds of things make you defensive? How do you tend to deal with conflict? Do you have boundaries that are too strong or barely any boundaries? How do you handle criticism.

We are not truly growing spiritually if we are not maturing emotionally.  Allow God to truly begin to transform your heart and then watch how he will use that to transform those around you.

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