By Nick Kmoch, North Iowa YFC

If you like me, you might be under a mountain of tasks as the school year begins.  There are school administrators to contact, parent letters to go out, incoming students to call, clubs to prep…the last thing I want is another thing to do.  In the chaos of it all, we can all forget why we do what we do…to build relationships with lost kids.  More than any other group, the Christian kids you already have a relationship with are ready to join us in this mission.  The problem…they need help.

That is where a Core Team comes in.  Core teams are built to come around Christian students as a coach and help them learn to listen to what God would have them do to reach their friends.  It is less about inviting them to club, and more about helping them invite their friends into their lives.  It doesn't take a lot of time, but it does take intentionality on our part. 

This year, among all the other things you need to get done, take some time to check out some resources on getting your core teams up and running.  Reach out to new students who have a passion for sharing the love of Christ.  Talk with youth pastors in your area about how you can develop new partnership to get their students talking with lost kids.  Most of all, take a breath and pray.  Ask God to rise up this relational army of adults and students to reach out to the most lost, broken and hurting within your community. 

This year, I am starting a Core Team, I hope you are too.

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