By: Dave Ramseyer

It is our focus! We believe that our role in the journey of lost teens trusting Christ is to build authentic Christ-sharing relationships and let God do the rest. We raise up leaders who invest deeply in the lives of teens via real relationships that show off and talk about Jesus. The actual transformation is God’s work. So our effort is on the area of relationships.

This fall we are focusing our blog series on how Campus Life leaders all around the USA are pushing deeper and wider into more authentic Christ-sharing relationships with lost kids. In the coming weeks you will get real and practical examples of how Campus Life leaders are gaining traction in saturating their campuses with more of these types of relationships that honor God.

You will likely hear stories about empowerment, focus, new ideas, events, slight programming adjustments, more contacting, etc. All in all, you will hear creative stories about how teams of leaders are working hard to initiate more authentic Christ-sharing relationships with lost teens in their area. So keep checking back for ideas and inspiration. Along the way, if you want to share your Campus Life story of pushing toward more of these relationships drop us a note or share a comment below.

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