School is out!  Now is the time to take advantage of the beach, parks, ice cream shops, bonfires, your backyard pool, and the opportunity to host weekly small groups/Bible studies!  Summer brings a different pace for us as Campus Life directors, which can be refreshing for us but also can be extremely fruitful times for ministry.  You may not have the normal hustle and bustle of club or as many meetings, but God is still working and moving! Did you know He uses things like frozen yogurt, waiting in line for a roller coaster, or long boarding to bring lost teens to Himself? He does!

Another thing that comes with summer are trips, and of course, my absolute favorite is YFC Camp.  Don’t miss out on the opportunity for your students to experience unforgettable, life changing memories, relevant bands, powerful testimonies, and engaging speakers.  While at YFC Camp or other summer trips you can continue doing what you always do, relational ministry actions.  Grab a student and head to the ice cream shop, gather 5 students and play Frisbee golf, or get 3 of your students together to have a deeper discussion about the speaker’s talk.

I have seen God move in students’ hearts in powerful ways as we continue to build relationships and point them to Jesus, even through the summer months! Don’t miss the opportunities God is placing before you!

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