What is motivating or driving you as a leader right now?  Would you say you are flourishing or floundering? Where is your value coming from as a leader?  We desire that Campus Life leaders are leading from a healthy place. Answering questions like these can help us to make sure we are leading from a healthy place.

When we honestly take a look at what is motivating us, it can be sobering sometimes.  I don’t want to fail or look bad.  I am the only one who can or is willing to reach these kids. I want to be accepted and liked by the students or other leaders.  I like being the center of attention.  I feel in control.  God needs me to do this. The list could go on.  When we take time to slow down and really ponder this question, our hope is that each of us has sensed the nudge or call from God to be where we are.

Being a healthy Campus Life leader begins with us regularly taking time to allow the Holy Spirit to examine our hearts and minds.  It means creating space with and for the Father and to abide in his love for you.  We need to realize again and again or need for Jesus grace and forgiveness.  As we spend time with the Trinity, God will reveal our mess but also will renew our call.

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