By Amy Vanderkamp

How many of you have ever heard the phrase: “never go alone,” and thought well that sounds easy?

I remember the first day I walked into the school lunch room as a campus life leader, I was the only adult sitting at a table full of middle schoolers. As I awkwardly attempted to build relationships with students I thought to myself “what am I doing?” It was at that moment that I began to ask myself “why am I here, all alone?”

Many of us dream of having a ministry team full of a few solid volunteers that truly get it, and don’t get me wrong that is a blessing, but what if we didn’t stop there. What would happen if our ministry teams were comprised of Campus Life leaders who intentionally released ownership of the ministry to gifted leaders within our ministry team?

Building a strong ministry team comprised of Campus Life leaders who take ownership of the ministry takes time and intentionality. Here are a few tips that I have learned over the years that have drastically changed the atmosphere within our ministry team.

Create space for leaders to serve through their passion and natural giftings.
Giving our ministry team leaders an opportunity to discover their passions, and naturally serve from their giftings is one of the greatest opportunities for growth in our ministries. As they become more passionate about their role in ministry they  will become more committed to reaching lost students.

Do life together.
This could range from going out to a restaurant after club, to working out together one on one. Simply enjoy spending time together, laughing, and building the  relationship.

Intentionally create time to meet with the ministry team before and after Relational Ministry Action’s.
Set the ministry team up for success by making sure they know whats going on, what their role is, and conclude the event by debriefing their experience  afterwards for on the spot training and encouragement.

Train, train, train.
Be mindful of the training opportunities available to the ministry team. Both on the spot training, and training events are crucial to the growth of the ministry team.

Celebrate the victories.
Make it a point to recognize both the large wins, and the subtle steps in the right direction. Strategically recognizing achievements within the team encourages the ministry team to continually strive for excellence as they serve.

Pray together.
A team that prays together, stays together.

Developing strong ministry leaders who are capable of taking ownership of the ministry takes time and intentionality. As we intentionally plan to equip our leaders to take ownership of the ministry the phrase “never go alone” doesn’t seem so daunting.

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